Michael Adams was born in Malaysia in 1937. His father was a rubber planter there for Dunlop and his half German mother was an opera singer. He was sent to England when he was 9 for schooling and went to Falmouth college of art where he discovered the wonderful forest of Heligan, Cornwall, where he painted, and the Royal College of Art, London, so studied engraving and painting for 7 years. In his final year in 1961 he was chosen to go to Makerere University, Uganda to start the graphic department there from 1961- 1965. He then decided to become a free lance artist painting mostly in east Africa and holding many successful exhibitions there.

He met Heather Denselow, who is from England in 1971 in Kenya where she was teaching at the Nairobi primary school and forgot her name and only remembered it was a flower, so held an exhibition of 40 paintings of her all called Flower 1 – 40 and sold them all. When he finally found her again he asked her name and when she told him, he replied that was a weed, not a flower, and she was most surprised! They came to Seychelles in 1972 where they got married and found a lovely wooden house in the jungle at Anse Aux Poules Bleues which means Bay of the blue chickens. They actually have several chickens with blue faces and beaks and several also lay blue eggs. They also have many dogs and cats, ducks and turkeys and guinea fowl.

They still live in the same house where they have planted a botanical garden where Michael and the children often paint. Tristan was born in Seychelles in 1977 and Alyssa in 1980 and they both now live in Seychelles also, having completed their education in England. They are also both artists and show their paintings at the gallery which is in the house.

Michael has held exhibitions all over the world including England, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mauritius, America, South Africa, Austria and Seychelles. He has also painted in many countries, often on commission, in India for Taj hotels, Turkey and Kenya for Robinson club hotels, Bali for Trauminsel Reisen, Mauritius for St.Geran hotel - and he has also painted in Scotland, Switzerland, China, Australia and Tasmania, New Zealand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, .Italy, and Canada and has also made book covers, calendars for Barclays bank, scarves, wine labels, telephone books, ties, the uniform for Air Seychelles, and even bags with his designs on.

However he is mostly painting in Seychelles and in 2001 was delighted to have been awarded the MBE by Queen Elizabeth for his services to art in Seychelles. The gallery is in his house and visitors are welcome to come and see the watercolours, silk screens, line blocks, calendars and postcards.