The extensive work of Michael Adams over the past 30 years can only be presented in a brief overview. Please refer to the following sections for further details:


Gallery Watatu Nairobi, 1966 - 1970
Nommo Gallery Kampala, 1966
Uganda Museum , 1966
Arts Centre Accra, 1969
Sorsbie Gallery Nairobi, 1969
Gallery Ror Volmar Paris, 1969
Gallery Regis Langloys Paris, 1969
Interconti Hotel Frankfurt Düsseldorf & Hannover, 1970
New Stanley Gallery Nairobi, 1971
Reef Hotel Seychelles, 1972
Pan Afric Hotel Nairobi, 1974
Samat Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur, 1975
Private exhibition Klaus Meyer, Augsburg 1979
Nico Haase, Hamburg, 1979
Hotel Steigenberger Berlin, 1984
Robinson Club Hotels, 1985-1991
Natural History Museum London, 1987
Royal Academy London, 1987
Carnegie Hall, Seychelles, 1987
Hilton Hotel Japan Garden Munich, 1988
Robinson Club Katchburg, 1988
University Gallery Berkley California, 1990-1995
The Happening Gallery, Bristol, 1992
Tidal Wave Gallery, Hereford, 1992
Railings Gallery London, 1992
Tias Tokyo Internatiional Art Show Japan, 1993
Art Image Holland, 1994
Villa D'este Johannesburg, 1994
Harrods Art Gallery, 1998-1990
ITB Berlin (Seychelles tourism stand), 2001
Giardino, Utikon-Waldegg, arranged by Stohler tours, 2001
Credit Suisse Bank, Geneva, arranged by Stohler Tours, 2001
Art Gallery One Zurich, feb-aug 2001
ITB Berlin, 2001
Taj Hotels India, 2005


Mango's Gallerie Speightstown, Barbados since 1996
Galerie Helene de Senneville, Mauritius
Kenny Roberts, The Coffee House, Clemson City, South Carolina
Trauminsel Reisen, Herrsching


Michael Adams has done a few commisions over the years, mainly for Hotels.

Four Seasons Hotel, Seychelles - Oil painting in reception and silkscreens in all villas. / more
IBM Silopark House, Nairobi - Mural
Publicity Services, Kampala - Mural
New Stanley Hotel, Nairobi - Thorn Tree Mural
Kunduchi Hotel, Tanzania, - 100 painting
Kenya Beach Hotel, Seychelles - 50 paintings
Vista do Mar Hotel, Seychelles - 24 paintings
The Plantation Club, Seychelles - Tile Mural
Fregate Island - 5 Silkscreens in each chalet 1 watercolor in reception
Alphonse Island - 10 Silkscreens
Paradise Hotel, Praslin - Silkscreen for reception
Accajou Hotel Praslin
Air Seychelles- Uniform design


In addition Michael has designed hundreds of magazine covers, furniture, cards, brochures, bags, phone cards, scarves, handkerchiefs, kaftans, travel book covers, book cover illustrations and calendars for Barclays Bank. Choose from the list of samples below:

Air Seychelles uniforms / more
Cable & Wireless Phone books / more
Phone cards
Seychelles in your Pocket / more